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Things to Share

Transition Redhill is about developing a stronger and more resilient community – not just in Redhill though. We like our neighbours and there are many interesting things going on around us that we can chose to support and be part of. Many people will be taking part in street parties and community events over the Jubilee weekend, hopefully you’ll all enjoy yourselves whatever you are doing.

There are other things going on around us too. Can you support the Merstham bicycle recycling project? Operating from the Hub at 28 Portland Drive, Merstham, it is a scheme that is going to use unclaimed bikes, given by Surrey Police, to help local disadvantaged and socially excluded young people.

You might also be interested in the Eden Valley Eco Fair. It will be on Saturday 22nd September, in Stangrove Park, Edenbridge. You have plenty of time to put it in your diaries – its a new event to promote sustainability and local community involvement and will include local businesses and community organisations, clubs and societies.

Have you heard all about Rio +20 United Nations conference on Sustainable Development? Fancy going, but not got the cash from a trip to Rio? How about going to the alternative Rio + 20 conference at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) at University College London? its on over the weekend of 16-17 June, and run by the Campaign Against Climate Change and SOAS Development Studies Department.

Whatever you do decide to do, tell your neighbours and friends about it too, and have a good time.

New Report on People and the Planet

For those who like to understand the current state of knowledge, you might be interested to see the new report on People and the Planet from the Royal Society. Rapid and widespread changes in the world’s human population, coupled with unprecedented levels of consumption present profound challenges to human health and wellbeing, and the natural environment.

The combination of these factors is likely to have far reaching and long-lasting consequences for our finite planet and will effect future generations as well as our own. These impacts raise serious concerns and challenges,  us to consider the relationship between people and the planet. It is not surprising then, that debates about population have tended to inspire controversy.

Although globally focused, the report highlights implications for health, education, consumption and use of resources that will have relevance at a local level. Many recommendations are aimed at National Governments, but there are issues that might best be tackled locally. For example, Recommendation 2 suggests that the most developed and the emerging economies must stabilise and then reduce material consumption levels through: dramatic improvements in resource use efficiency, including: reducing waste; investment in sustainable resources, technologies and infrastructures; and systematically decoupling economic activity from environmental impact.

These sound big and hard to deal with, but are exactly the issues that the Transition Network seeks to tackle, making our Towns more sustainable, and our lives better, through community participation in the delivery of the things we all need for comfortable and satisfying lives.