We have just received an email from someone who has recently moved into the local area (see below). If you would like to help rescue some grapes, please get in touch (leave a comment below, or email and we will put you in touch

Hi there,

I was searching the internet for “gleaning redhill” and came across your website.

We’ve just moved house and the house has a big(ish) grape vine at the back of the house. It’s currently got A LOT of bunches of grapes. I don’t have time to cut them down, I don’t want them to go to waste, but I think time is running out.

Ideally I was hoping to find someone who would be interested in rescuing them so they don’t just go on my compost heap.

That said, I’m not sure how useful they’d be. They don’t taste too bad.

Anyway, do you know anyone that might be interested?


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  1. If you get no takers, there is no need to do anything with them. The starlings come and eat ours every year. Part of the autumn ritual is watching the flock descend and disappear into the vine, only to see them erupt out a few minutes later when something gives them a fright!
    Andy. Gardender. Earlswood.

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