New Zero Carbon Britain Report

Zero Carbon BritainThe Centre for Alternative Technology has just issued a new edition of their report ‘Zero Carbon Britain’. Like the earlier editions it shows how the UK could reduce its carbon emissions to zero by 2030. It’s been updated to include more expert input from a wide range of sources: in particular there is a lot more on land use. It’s free too as you can download it from the CAT website.

The key messages from the report include:

  • By combining a smart approach to diet, building, energy and land-use it is possible to rapidly reduce emissions to net zero by 2030.
  • Smart demand management and intelligent use of surplus electricity in combination with carbon neutral synthetic gas and liquid fuels means we can ensure energy supplies in all weather conditions.
  • Rethinking our diets means the UK can produce the vast majority of the food required to keep us healthy – whilst also reducing agricultural impacts and freeing up land to grow energy crops and capturing carbon.
  • Land freed up by changes in diet enables us to balance out all greenhouse gas emissions that cannot be eliminated from industry, waste and agriculture using natural safe, sustainable and reliable methods of capturing carbon.

The changes outlined in the report can also help us adapt to expected changes in climate, whilst helping make us resilience against those changes we can’t predict.

As well as rising to the climate challenge, the transition outlined in the new report has a range of additional benefits – creating over a million jobs, having a positive impact on our economy and on our health and wellbeing both as individuals, and as a society.

The future really doesn’t have to be dark! Working out what it would be like to live in a world which is actually rising to the urgent 21st century challenges is an empowering and creative process!

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