July News – food and fracking

3 pintsTransition Drinks

Our monthly Transition Drinks.

We will be in the main bar at the Garland. Come along for a chat and see what we have been doing and what we have planned. If you have ideas about what we ought to be doing, so much the better.

We’ll be there from 8, probably until about 9.30 or so, so drop in any time in between.

When: Tuesday, 16 July 2013 @ 8:00 pm – 9:30 pm
Where: The Garland, 5 Brighton Road, Redhill,Surrey RH1 6PP (Map)

Redhill & Reigate Food GroupRedhill & Reigate Food Group

Redhill and Reigate Food Group has been active over the last month with veg, eggs and more being bought from local producers and farms. A schedule for July is available on the website (http://redhillandreigatefood.org.uk/?page_id=63) but given holidays the coverage may be little light.

We are hoping to work with Sutton Community Farm on a regular basis with the aim of becoming a drop-off point in Redhill. This means group members will be able to get access to their great produce without travelling out of Redhill/Reigate.  If you have not heard of the farm check out their excellent website http://suttoncommunityfarm.org.uk/

Growing Redhill – plots availableVeg

Our comrades at Growing Redhill have 3 plots available at their growing site in Merstham. The plots are around a half or quarter of the size of an average allotment plot, and the soil is good, fertile clay. They currently have 14 plots occupied by local residents and their families. If you are interested in joining them, phone Debbie Fox (07717 678968) for more information, or emailsecretary@growingredhill.co.uk.

Green Surrey Meetup

Green Surrey Meetup (http://www.meetup.com/Green-Surrey-Meetup/) is an online group for people wanting to know about environmental, sustainable and conservation events happening in Surrey. Transition and Greenpeace Redhill meetings are listed, along with others. It has only just started so not many members as yet, but that will change. Members can add their own events too if they wish to publicise (all free).

“Drill, Baby, Drill” Drill Baby Drill poster

Fracking (or hydraulic fracturing to extract “shale gas”) is very much in the news at the moment. A new geological survey has claimed there is far more shale gas under the North of England than previously thought. Of course, even if true, shale gas, like any form of natural gas, is a fossil fuel, and extracting it will only contribute further to the build up of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. And any claimed reduction in energy costs will be very short-term indeed.

The South East – particularly The Weald – is also being targeted by fracking companies. If you want to know more about fracking, and its environmental effects (on the landscape and water resources, as well as the climate) come along to a free screening of the new film “Drill, Baby, Drill” in Balcombe on Monday 15 July. Reserve your place here – http://drillbabydrillbalcombe.eventbrite.co.uk/

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