Confessions of a home energy auditor

“Are you keen to cut your energy bills but don’t know how?”  is the slogan used by Action Surrey to advertise their free energy audit service.  Action Surrey is based in Woking, is supported by all the local authorities in Surrey and offers impartial energy advice to local householders.  The energy audit service works through groups of volunteer auditors: in the Reigate and Banstead borough that means that the Transition Redhill home energy project does the work.

I’ve done four audits in the past two weeks, our busiest spell yet.  It’s proving to be enjoyable and rewarding.  The householders are always very welcoming and chatty, and appreciate that we’re not there to sell them anything.  Most audits take around 90 mins.  Mostly we (there are normally two auditors) sit down with the householder and work through a standard list of questions about the house, its insulation, its heating and the behaviour of the occupants.  We then have a look at anything the householder is unsure of.  For example we might look in the loft to see how much insulation there is, and at the boiler to see the central heating and hot water settings.  After our visit we do a report, get it approved and submit it.  Our starting point is a standard report that contains recommendations for all the normal issues that arise.  We then delete and add to that as required to produce a tailor-made report.  A typical list of recommendations would include big things like installing cavity wall insulation (free at present!) and replacing an old boiler, and little things like turning down the central heating temperature and stopping draughts.

If you are interested in either having an audit or being an auditor, then ring Action Surrey on 0800-783 2503 or email

Derek Smith

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  1. Derek, I take my hat off you to. It is absolutely amazing what people don’t realise (me included, pre-audit) about saving energy!

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