Future of Reigate Farmers’ Market in doubt

This week the Surrey Mirror reports that the future of Reigate Farmers’ Market is in doubt, as there are only two stalls left – Reigate Beekeepers in the High Street and McCarthy’s bread stall in Tunnel Road.

According to Hughmark International, the company that runs the market: “The people of Reigate do not support the market. It’s as simple as that.”

According to the remaining stallholders, the council could do more to help – advertising for example.

Although the bread stall is struggling, the beekeepers are still doing well. Possibly because: “You’re more likely to buy honey and beeswax once a month rather than bread and cheese, which I suppose people are used to getting from the shops.”

Read the Surrey Mirror report here.

In contrast, the Dorking Food Float has just celebrated its second anniversary and is still going strong.

What’s the difference?

  • The Food Float operates on Saturdays; the Reigate market on Fridays.
  • The Food Float is there every week; the Reigate market just once a month.
  • The Food Float is run by volunteers on a not for profit basis; Hughmark International charge for the Reigate stalls.
  • The Food Float has an attractive website and a Facebook page; the Reigate market has a rudimentary page on the organiser’s website.

Maybe the business model needs a rethink, but surely Reigate can support a thriving farmers’s market?

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One response to “Future of Reigate Farmers’ Market in doubt

  1. I live in Redhill, and I would support a good Farmers’ Market in Reigate if it had a scope, and size, comparable to that in Dorking (which I am only aware of through the Dorking Market website).

    I have been to the Reigate Farmers’ Market only once, in 2013, and I was very disappointed that there were only two stalls. Such lack of support seems strange these days, when more and more people are putting their money where their mouths are (so to speak), in regard to locally produced organic food.

    I have no car, so Dorking would be too far for me. But I would happily trundle the couple of miles from Redhill on my mobility scooter if there were a worthwhile Farmers’ Market to go to, where I could get quality foodstuffs. I find the overall quality, and range, of the Redhill market disappointing.

    It seems to me that one of the key factors in the falling-off in support for the Reigate market is likely to be the lack of advertising. Only one notice, at one end of the Tunnel Road, is simply not enough. It might also help if Reigate were to change from Friday trading to Saturday.

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